Online Payment Instructions

Wolf Creek Water & Sewer Improvement District has teamed up with Ampstun Billing Systems and Payment Service Network, to allow our customers to make payments online, you can see and print your statement, check your usage and send us an e-mail if you need to contact us.


You can pay using Checking/Savings account, Credit/Debit Card payments, we accept Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Online Payment Process

  1. Go to our website:
  1. Click on the ONLINE PAYMENT button in the right hand corner (this will take you to the Ampstun Billing Systems page)
  1. Click on CUSTOMER REGISTRATION (below the User ID)
  1. You will need to register by filling in the information requested, the User ID should be an  e-mail address and set up your password.

***If you forget your password, press on the FORGOT PASSWORD (below the Password section) it will send an e-mail to the e-mail address that you have entered.

  1. Your account will show up in the top line in the center of the screen.

***If you have multiple accounts you will need to click the SELECT button to pick which account you want to pay, (you will need to pay each account individually).

  1. Click on PAY BILL on the left hand side of the screen.
  1. Select Pay Full Balance or Pay other Amount and fill in the box.
  1. Click in the Confirm Payment Amount box.
  1. Click on Complete Payment
  1. Select the date you want your payment made. Click Next.
  1. Select the payment method, Visa, M/C, American Express, Checking/Savings, Credit/Debit Card. The merchant fees are 3% on Credit/Debit Cards and there is a $1.10 fee for ACH/checking.
  1. Check over the information you have entered, enter the 3-digit security code from the back of your card. Click (You must click on the Submit button to complete payment.
  1. It will make your payment and it will e-mail you a receipt.

The next time you go in to make a payment you will not need to register again.  Just enter your e-mail address and the password you selected.

Payments can be set up as Auto Payments

  1. Call the office at 801-745-3435 to set up auto payments.