Water has been sold in the Wolf Creek area since the United States land office sold the land and water rights to Heber C. Ferrin on May 20th, 1862. The land and water rights transferred from person to person for many years, until it was eventually sold to Wolf Creek Associates in March of 1989.

Because of the fast moving growth in the valley and in the Wolf Creek area, in September of 1990 a privately owned corporation was set up “Wolf Creek Water and Sewer Company, Inc.” The purpose of the corporation was to plan for the growth and to manage the supply of water and removal of sewage in the area.

On May 18, 2001 the corporation was sold to Wolf Creek Properties, LC. It was later learned that the State of Utah required all sewer systems to be a body politic or a governmental entity in the State of Utah, they could not be privately owned.

In January 2005, a new entity was formed “Wolf Creek Sewer Improvement District”. It was no longer owned by Wolf Creek Properties, it was a sewer utility company within the State of Utah. It was governed by an elected five member board of trustee’s and would receive public comments and suggestions prior to making budgetary decisions and before making company policies. At the same time Wolf Creek Properties, LC split and renamed the water companies, the culinary water was named “Wolf Creek Water Company, Inc.” and the secondary water was “Wolf Creek Water Conservancy, Inc.”.

In January 2011, the Wolf Creek Sewer Improvement District after getting public consent purchased the two privately owned water companies from Wolf Creek Properties, LC. The purpose of this purchase was to get the entities out of the private sector, where the rates and other charges could be changed at the request of the owners. It would become a public entity, where it would be governed by the same elected board of trustees, who are individuals that live in the district and know the area and understand the districts distinctive qualities.

Once again, a new name was adopted, “Wolf Creek Water and Sewer Improvement District”. Its boundaries encompass most of the Wolf Creek area. We have a unique and exciting history and look forward with great anticipation to what the future holds.