Board of Trustees

  • Miranda Menzies – Chairman

    Ms. Menzies is a full-time resident of Wolf Creek, Eden. She and her husband Richard were originally raised in England, then lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for many years. They raised two daughters there before moving to Ogden Valley in 2009. Ms. Menzies was educated in England, and at the University of Michigan, where she received a Master of Science degree in Water Resources Sciences. She has twenty-five years experience working in engineering and consulting, mostly for industrial companies and municipalities on environmental issues. Her background includes groundwater investigation and treatment, water and wells management, and geology.

    Ms. Menzies is active as a volunteer for various local outdoor events and worked with Weber Pathways to put in the wonderful pathway that runs along Wolf Creek Dr. from Wolf Creek Resort to the Valley Market.

  • Henry (Bud) Huchel – Member

Mr. Huchel has been a resident of Eden for seven year and a resident of Weber County for forty-two year. He graduated from Montclair State University in New Jersey with a Bachelor Degree in Earth Sciences and served four years in the military.  He has raised two children and now has five grandchildren, and loves to take them hiking and fishing here in the beautiful surroundings of Eden.

Mr. Huchel has developed his business acumen from accepting progressively more responsible managerial positions that included directing operations in purchasing, off shore manufacturing, global transportation and also as a member of a business acquisition team assigned to t Levolor Home Fashions divisions.  He has now retired in Eden from a multinational corporation as a senior manger of global logistics.

Mr. Huchel began attending the open board meetings of WCWSID  because he is concerned about the issues associated with the rapid growth in Eden.   He is very concerned with conservation and the proper management of our precious water resources.

  • Larry McBride – Secretary

    Mr. McBride was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor in Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Santa Clara. He married Jan and raised four children and has seventeen grandchildren.

    He has served as the Contracts Manager for General Electric Co. in California, Arabian American Oil Company in Saudi Arabia, Hudson Engineering Corp, in Texas, and ABB Lummus Global Inc. in Brazil. He was President of International Contract Management, Inc. providing independent contract consulting services for Ford Aerospace Corporation, ARAMCO and other clients in Japan.

    Mr. McBride retired in 1999 and settled down here in the Wolf Creek area. He has served on the Board of Trustees for the Wolf Creek Water and Sewer Board since 2008 and has served as Secretary since that time. He is extremely meticulous about the binding contracts that the district enters into and makes sure everything is correct and legal in the documentation.

  • Jon Bingham – Member

    Mr. Bingham is a long time resident of Wolf Creek, Eden. He has seen many changes in the water and sewer systems over the years. He has always been very willing to help the Board of Trustees when called upon with issues in the area.

    Mr. Bingham is well acquainted with the people in our district. He has attended public hearings and open board meetings and is very familiar with our systems. He will be a great asset on our board.

  • Don Stefanik – Member

    Don and his wife, Diane, reside in Trappers Ridge where Don is the sitting President of the HOA.  They have lived in the Ogden Valley for the past thirteen years.  Prior to retiring, Don and Diane owned a direct mail advertising business serving all of Weber and Davis County.  Each had long careers with Fortune 50 companies before moving to Utah.

    Don has been active in the Trappers Ridge community for five years and was instrumental in establishing the Homeowners Association and overseeing a complete re-write of the communities governing documents.  Don also serves on the Board of the Wolf Creek Master Homeowners Association.

    In 2017 he accepted an appointment to the Board of Trustees for the Wolf Creek Water and Sewer Improvement District.  Since then, he has participated in every meeting as well as spending considerable time in the field gaining an understanding of the entire network of water and sewer systems.