The Wolf Creek Water and Sewer Improvement District sewer system.

The District operates a state of the art “Zenon MBR” ( Membrane Bioreactor) wastewater treatment facility, located at 4820 Willow Brook Lane.  It looks like a big barn and doesn’t distract from the beautiful surroundings of the area.

The  water from the plant is suitable for reuse for irrigation of local area lawns and golf courses.  At this time, the  Wolf Creek Golf Course uses all  the water during the summer months.  During the winter months the water is held in a infiltration basin and is put back into the ground.  The water from the plant is clean and safe for the environment and helps keep the District area beautiful and a GREAT place to live.

If the Sewer Service Lateral between your home/business and the property line clogs, leaks, or breaks the responsibility for the repairs are the home or business owner.  If the clog, leak, or break occurs between the property line and the sewer main line, the responsibility for the repairs are the Districts.